Container transport

Discover our options regarding container transport

B & S Transport B.V. is the specialist in the field of container transport. Every day we transport goods from the important ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp. We are familiar with national and international transport and have driving coverage throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Ruhr area. With our professional staff, both in the office and on the road, we ensure that your cargo arrives safely and without damage at your final destination.

Our modern equipment plays an important role in this. B & S Transport has various combi chassis and 20 ‘to 45’ containers. We are your reliable partner for every type of load.

We also follow the cars by means of a GPS system so that we can plan very efficiently. Because the cars are equipped with an on-board computer incl. Scanner, we immediately have all documents in our possession after loading / unloading, so that you can also inform your customer immediately with all related information which the customer would like to receive at all times.

Do not have any concerns about storage in addition to transport? We take care of warehousing and everything that comes with it. Request a customized Quote with one click and you will receive all necessary information within a few hours.


How can we fill our truck for you?

B & S Transport B.V. is a young company but with a lot of experience in (container) transport. Through this experience we were approached by various companies to see if we could not start something ourselves. After thorough market research, it appeared that there was an enormous demand for wheels.