Storage and transfer

We take care of warehousing and everything that comes with it

We are trusted

Our building in Klundert has a storage area of 1200 m2 with 2 full-load loading docks with a movable bridge that is completely separated from the shed.

24 hours cameras are present in and around the building, which means we have extra security against burglary. The building is also equipped with an alarm system which is reported directly to the control room. You can also come to us for the larger load. We also have an outside area of approx. 1300 m2 which can be reached separately and these are also equipped with various cameras.

All our options with regard to warehousing

Of course we do not have to tell you that the import and export of goods does not stop with transport. After that, several more steps must be followed before your products can be delivered to your customers.

To ensure that this runs smoothly, we offer the entire process: from transport to temporary storage and from labeling to transport documents. That way you know for sure that your goods will be delivered on time and you will have time to find new customers.


All our options with regard to warehousing

With us, warehousing goes much further than just storing and transferring your merchandise. In short, we ensure that the entire logistics process runs smoothly without you having to put any effort into it.